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Loading Bays

Protect your products from the elements to deliver perfection every time

Loading Bays

At WS Temporary Buildings our industrial canopies are perfect for loading bays, allowing for the goods you proudly produce to be transferred in perfect condition providing cover during the loading process.

Whether you need a large industrial canopy building or a small canopy bay extension to an existing structure then at WS Temporary Buildings we have the perfect solution for you.

The buildings as standard have a maximum span of 30m with an eave height of 6.2m. This gives enough clearance for any double-decker trailer to be loaded. All the structures are supplied with calculation to British standards for wind & snow loading.


A loading canopy can be fully open with a roof only using a single skin PVC or can be partly walled using steel sheet to provide additional protection.

We can connect to an existing building to provide a weatherproof transferal from your warehouse. We can also install the canopy onto existing concrete, tarmac or hardcore surfaces.

Having a large stock enables us to be on-site installing your new loading bay canopy in just days from order. All our buildings and canopies are available for sale or rental and finance options are available.


Our crews are our own in-house teams. They are fully trained in all aspects relating to the building with all the necessary skills for health & safety. 

Please contact us today to discuss with our experienced team who are happy to help and guide you every step of the way.

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