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Commercial Canopy Building for rent

We supplied this small 10m commercial canopy building on a rental purpose to Carriers to help them carry out work on heating and ventilation units. The building helped to protect the goods from the elements and stopped the risk of water entering critical areas.

This small temporary building took just a few hours to install and was fitted just a week from order.

At WS Temporary Buildings we supply a whole range of temporary industrial buildings and canopies for a whole range of purposes from a new workshop or loading bay to a large warehouse or maintenance unit. All our buildings are available for sale or to rent and finance is available.

For more information or to get a quote email our team today on

A-Frame & Specifications:

Span: 10.00 metres

Length: 5.00 metres

Eave Height: 5.20 metres

Ridge Height: 6.94 metres

Roof: Single skin

Wall: Steel Sheet walling

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