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Emergency Replacement Building - PK Shutters

After a devastating fire saw the workshop of P & K Shutters burnt to the ground, they needed to limit the impact of the fire on the business and get themselves back up and running as soon as possible. They asked us to install an emergency temporary replacement building as quickly as possible so that they could get their business up and running again.

WS Temporary Buildings were able to quickly assist due to having a large resource of stock to call on. We had a building onsite and ready to hand over to the client within 7 days from their call to help. We were also on hand to supply the generator as temporary power was needed in the interim period.

A-Frame & Specifications:

Span:15.00 metres

Length:25.00 metres

Eave Height:5.20 metres

Ridge Height:7.69 metres

Roof:Thermo Insulated

Wall:40mm PIR sandwich panel

Roller door:4.86m x 4.60m electric speed doors, operated with induction loops

Pedestrian door:2m x 1m MOE door

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