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Insulated Storage Unit for Staffordshire Fire Doors

Staffordshire Fire Doors – Stoke on Trent

Staffordshire fire door needed storage where finished products would be held prior to dispatch. The solution of a WS temporary buildings was to install an insulated storage unit which was temporary and suited the purpose for the client. With the need for the unit to be in place as expansion had created its own problems the commercial temporary building was installed with minimum time delay to allow for production to run smoothly.

A-Frame & Specifications:

Span: 15.00 metres

Length: 20.00 metres

Eave Height: 5.20 metres

Ridge Height: 7.74 metres

Roof: Thermo Insulated

Wall: 40mm PIR sandwich panel

Roller door: 4.86m x 4.6m electric galvanised

Pedestrian door: 2m x 1m MOE door

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