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Large Insulated Warehouse Building

The client had plenty of yard space and required internal temporary storage for goods to protect against the elements. The temporary warehouse needed to be fully insulated to protect against condensation and also to have the flexibility in the future to be used for production if necessary.

The temporary unit WS Temporary Buildings installed took just 12 days once the concrete pad had been provided. Also installed in the warehouse were 4 high speed shutters.

A-Frame & Specifications:

Span: 3 Off 20.00 metres – total 60.00m span

Length: 50.00 metres

Eave Height: 6.20 metres

Ridge Height: 9.46 metres

Roof: Thermo Insulated

Wall: 40mm PIR sandwich panel

Roller door: 4 x 4.86m x 5.6m electric speed doors, operated with induction loops

Pedestrian door: 2m x 1m MOE door

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